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Underground train, Minetec, LKAB, Boliden


We combine many years of experience in different industrial applications. This gives us a unique competence and position in the market. Minetec can participate in all parts of a project. Our focus is to have the knowledge to be able to participate from project start to a finished plant - commissioned and ready
Minetec ideas, LKAB, Boliden


Generating ideas is an important element for all activities. A rich flow of ideas increases the chances of making wise choices for future development projects. Minetec has participated in many idea studies in several of Sweden's largest companies.

Minetec feasibility study, LKAB, Boliden

        Pilot study

A pilot study study can either be a limited part of the project itself or a separate project. The purpose of the pilot study study is to provide a better basis for decision-making before a decision is taken to launch a full-scale project. 

Minetec development, LKAB, Boliden

Project development

Working in the project development phase can be crucial to the success of the project. Minetec has been involved in a number of major successful projects over the past 25 years.

Minetec implementation, LKAB, Boliden

Implementation and completion

The purpose of the implementation phase is to initiate, implement and follow up planned activities according to the project plan. It is important that there is a clear conclusion and that the results and experience gained are transferred to the relevant activities/organisations.


We combine many years of experience in industrial applications with specialist knowledge in investigations, pilot studies, control engineering, IT and OT. This gives us a unique competence and position in the market.
Minetec Underground mining, LKAB, Boliden


Minetec comes originally from the navigation industry where we built autonomous underground machines that drove the entire cycle automatically and autonomously. Click on the image to start a movie showing Minetec's system built back in 1997 for LKAB in Kiruna.

Minetec logistic, LKAB, Boliden


Minetec has access to expertise and products in logistics systems. MineTec's consultants have extensive experience in implementing, troubleshooting and operating automation systems. This concerns technical solutions, but also organisation, competence development of the staff and products suitable for logistics systems.

Minetec AI, LKAB, Boliden

Industrial automation

Minetec has a broad know how about the industrial industry's applications. We work with supplier-independent solutions, which means that we choose the most efficient solutions for the end customer.

Minetec AI, LKAB, Boliden, control room

Control Rooms

Minetec has worked on the design of control rooms in various types of industries such as mines, railways, pulp and paper, robotic lines.


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